Thursday, 4 November 2021

A bit of a refresh

Been thinking about Blogger for a while, on and off. Always want to do something with it, but rarely find the time.

Turns out Blogger doesn't recognise my account all of a sudden, so all my previous posts were listed as posted by "Unknown". Neat. The same goes for my theme, which it was very confused by. Despite being, y'know, a Blogger theme.

So I've had to dress the place up a bit. Fixed my name, too. Some things I didn't have much of a choice with, which is hilarious in 2021, by something owned by Google. Or perhaps not that hilarious at all. I guess I should be happy they haven't killed it yet.

I still like the green I used to have, but I've messed about with it here and there.  I probably still need to work on the page contrast for accessibility, but at least browsers are starting to lean into a reading "mode" which will hopefully solve that problem for me. Or would, if Blogger had support for it.

Anyhow. Will see what I get time for, but everything else takes way too much of a priority to say "until next time".

It'll probably all still be nerdy nonsense anyway.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Some Creative Writing

It's 2018! Apparently.

I have been reliably told, at least. Sleep deprivation is fun. Wouldn't give up the reason for it for the world, though. He's eight months old and doing great :)

Anyhow. A quick thing I wrote that I just want to record, in the event I don't rewrite it from scratch.

Everyone has the spark, right? As far back as humans go, before we were even sitting in caves, we had that spark. We could touch the very fabric of the world. Fire, heat, the spark of life. Ice, cold, fire's polar opposite. Excuse the pun. Water doesn't put out fire, does it? Cold, that stilling of the very molecules themselves - that's what does it. Metal, buried in the earth. You can move the earth, but really you're moving the minerals within it. And finally wind. The air itself, the very firmament which we all stare at and through every single day. It's all around us. These are the building blocks, the very basics of our existence. You can build everything with these things, if you only tried.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

I had an idea for a post

And now it's gone.

Just one of those things, eh?

I'm still around here, just been flipping between manically-busy and out of ideas for a blog post. My time for games development hit kind of a pit, which means I've had to re-evaluate what I have time to do in terms of hobbies.

So hey. Watch this space.