Thursday, 15 May 2014


Effort is pretty hard work.

The whole "you can do it if you try", or "they just have more talent" . . . I think about this a lot. What if you can't try? Lack of motivation is commonly linked with depression. Effort comes at the expense of free time - not everyone has that either.

It's pretty easy to say "you can invest the time if you care about something", but it's harder to set aside that time when you have lots of little, minor jobs that always need doing because it's a part of life. Mowing the lawn, keeping the house clean, sorting out clothes, and then sitting down and not wanting to invest time because you haven't stopped moving for the past 12 hours.

Effort is pretty hard work.

But every now and then you make the time, because you think it's a good idea. Or you think you've been meaning to do this for years and you've only finally realised you can set some time aside to do it.

So you do it. And so I did it.

Man, this was a really wordy way to say I've redone my blog. But it was a long process, and ties in to various other changes to myself and my online persona.

Here's hoping it lasts.

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