Thursday, 1 February 2018

Some Creative Writing

It's 2018! Apparently.

I have been reliably told, at least. Sleep deprivation is fun. Wouldn't give up the reason for it for the world, though. He's eight months old and doing great :)

Anyhow. A quick thing I wrote that I just want to record, in the event I don't rewrite it from scratch.

Everyone has the spark, right? As far back as humans go, before we were even sitting in caves, we had that spark. We could touch the very fabric of the world. Fire, heat, the spark of life. Ice, cold, fire's polar opposite. Excuse the pun. Water doesn't put out fire, does it? Cold, that stilling of the very molecules themselves - that's what does it. Metal, buried in the earth. You can move the earth, but really you're moving the minerals within it. And finally wind. The air itself, the very firmament which we all stare at and through every single day. It's all around us. These are the building blocks, the very basics of our existence. You can build everything with these things, if you only tried.

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  1. Couldn't find anywhere else to post because Polygon stops new users from posting for 24 hours. In 24 hours I will doubtlessly have let this go, but I felt the need to issue a challenge to a post you made several years ago.

    In the post, someone likens enjoying Mission Impossible movies even despite the fact that Tom Cruise supports scientology, and makes the argument that the same can be said for enjoying the simulation game Rimworld despite the dev not having performed a thorough and deep dive into the most woke understanding of human sexuality prior to encoding the early version of his game's relationship system while the game was still in alpha.

    You say the tom cruise argument's logic fails at first pass because Tom Cruise "isn't injecting his belief systems into his movies" -- in a very hand waving and dismissive way. The guy who made the original comment kinda flounders, and you are able to brush him off when he doesn't give the no-duh obvious problem with what you said. I want to point this out now, so that you don't go a day longer thinking you logic bombed someone when in fact you flopped.

    The collection of decisions and creativity required in order to be a developer clearly makes it, at least in part, an artform, especially when it comes to devising which particular unique creative way you will hard code something into functionality. Likewise, an actor must make hundreds of decisions about how to portray whichever character they are acting as, which are clearly based on that individual's life's amalgamation of lived experiences and biases.

    Therefore, fucking obviously Tom Cruise is injecting his world views into the movies in which he acts in. He at least is doing so to the same degree which a lone developer, whilst programming the alpha version of an insanely complex game, used his own life experiences (biased as they may be) while doing the initial round of coding for his game.

    And don't think this is coming from some gamer gate type. I am a bleeding heart, pro-social justice, liberal, about as woke as they come. But faulty logic is faulty logic my friend, and your hand waving "logical" dismissal was very much not cogent nor sound.